Angry birds space 2-25 eggsteroid

Play in over 300 interstellar levels through 10 planets, and even in the Solar System!
Whether it's the cold orbs of Cold Cuts, the explosive and volcanic nature of Red Planet, Utopia, a planet made of junk or even the Solar System, each episode offers you an intergalactic pleasure of every moment! With all+new birds, special abilities and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer a limit!
+ Over 300 interstellar levels!
+ New playable characters!
+ Unique special capacities for each bird!
+ Spaceless adventures in weightlessness!
+ Technical throws using the gravity of the planets!
+ Hidden bonus levels!
+ Incredibly detailed backgrounds!
+ Daily missions!

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Angry birds space 2-25 eggsteroid

angry birds space 2-25 eggsteroid


angry birds space 2-25 eggsteroidangry birds space 2-25 eggsteroidangry birds space 2-25 eggsteroidangry birds space 2-25 eggsteroid