Belgian blue bull steroids

The top price of €8,100 was achieved by Thomas Fitzgerald, Garryheather, Clonaslee, Co. Laois with his 25 month old bull Heatherview Cooper.  This impressive bull has been jointly purchased by Dovea Genetics and Belgian . Company ‘Genetique Avenir Belgimex’.  A group from Genetique Avenir Belgimex was present at the Beef Expo as guests of Dovea Genetics.  The group visited a number of Belgian Blue breeder farms after the Beef Expo, on one of which they saw Heatherview Cooper.  Mr. Pieter Freson of Genetique Avenir commenting on their new purchase said  ‘Heatherview Cooper is an exceptional bull – he has a unique combination of size, colour, ideal type for Belgium, super shoulder and backend muscle.  The pedigree is very interesting for Belgian breeders (Empire x Vigoreux x Unique).  This is only the second bull our company has purchased outside of Belgium and we are very excited about this new purchase’.  Dr. Ger Ryan, General Manager of Dovea Genetics said ‘Heatherview Cooper is a super new addition to the Dovea bull stud.  He is a powerhouse of a bull from the best selection of Belgian Blue bulls at the Roscrea sale ever seen in Ireland.  The interesting pedigree, high indexes (five stars within and across breeds for most traits) and visual appearance means he is one to watch for the future.  This purchase with Genetique Avenir Belgimex strengthens our relationship with them for the future’.  Heatherview Cooper will now undergo health testing before entering Dovea Genetics bull stud where semen will be collected for the Irish & Belgian market from him.

While females and juveniles are orange to tawny, males are much darker – their coat is typically bluish grey. The ventral parts, the insides of the thighs and the tail are all white. [30] A white stripe extends from the underbelly and broadens as it approaches the rump , forming a patch lined with dark hair. [29] Almost white, though not albino , individuals have been observed in the Sariska National Park ( Rajasthan , India) [31] while individuals with white patches have been recorded at zoos. [32] The hairs, typically 23–28 centimetres (– in) long, are fragile and brittle. [33] Males have thicker skin on their head and neck that protect them in fights. [6] The coat is not well-insulated with fat during winter, and consequently severe cold might be fatal for the nilgai. [34]

Belgian blue bull steroids

belgian blue bull steroids


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