Decadron steroid shot

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I have changed from tide to arm and hammer with no perfume or dye. Worked all summer NO ITCHING,until I returned to Florida for the winter. All of my clothes, bedding, and towels are full of tide. I am double rinsing everything. . My arm pits are raw. I read the articles on making your own soap. I am going to try it. Have you noticed the HUGE SELECTION OF TIDE PRODUCTS in the soap isle? It is shocking. My mother always used tide, so did I , But, when I stopped (I was in Michigan). I double rinsed everything. It was an awful job. HOWEVER, I stopped itching all summer in MI. HOPE THIS HELPS, GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I am back in Florida, double-rinsing and waiting for my raw itching pits to heal.

Wow. I wonder now if Decadron may be contributing to my partner's increased irritablity and anger. He gets Decadron as a pre-med infusion every two weeks as part of his chemotherapy treatments. He was also taking Decadron pills for a couple days after chemo, but stopped that (with his oncologist's blessing) a couple of treatments ago. He still gets the black hole appetite though and over the past few weeks has become for angry an intollerant of any mistakes that I or anyone else makes. Does anyone know how long it takes for the Decadron side effects to dissappear?

Decadron steroid shot

decadron steroid shot


decadron steroid shotdecadron steroid shotdecadron steroid shotdecadron steroid shotdecadron steroid shot