Dex steroid for dogs

The standard ACTH stimulation test is the test of choice in monitoring anti-adrenal therapy (Lysodren, Vetoryl®). The aim of therapy is to achieve a modestly sub-normal ACTH response in order to abolish clinical signs.
Dogs receiving Vetoryl® must have the ACTH response test done 4 – 6 hours after the Vetoryl® tablet. The post ACTH cortisol level should be between 50 and 200 nmol/L to reflect good control. Experience in the field has shown that a post ACTH cortisol of up to 250 nmol/L may not require an increase in dosage for continued clinical effect. It is important that there is some stimulation from the pre to the post sample. Cortisol levels of

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Dex steroid for dogs

dex steroid for dogs


dex steroid for dogsdex steroid for dogsdex steroid for dogsdex steroid for dogsdex steroid for dogs