Diprobase ointment steroid

It is not recommended to use Betnovate cream to treat acne. The active ingredients in this medication could potentially make skin conditions like this worse. Though Betnovate contains anti-bacterial properties, only use for skin irritations that have been cleared by a doctor or medical professional. Spots could be made worse with the use of this medication, so if you’re suffering from acne on your body, then this cream is not recommended. If you are looking for acne treatments, a full range and medicines advice can be found here.

If you find that entering the water stings the skin, apply a soap substitute or emollient all over before entering the water. Be careful not to slip – a mat or grab rails are helpful. Placing a towel in the bath may also be helpful especially when bathing an active baby. Bath oils do make a mess of the bath. Wipe around the bath with paper towels or tissues – this will absorb excess oil and shine the bath. Warn other bath users that the bath or shower may still be slippery. The bath may be cleaned with a bath cleaner but be careful to rinse it thoroughly before use.

Diprobase ointment steroid

diprobase ointment steroid


diprobase ointment steroiddiprobase ointment steroiddiprobase ointment steroiddiprobase ointment steroiddiprobase ointment steroid