Diprovate steroid

Good evening Dr. Sharma,
I’m writing on behalf of my significant other who is unfortunately experiencing sudden hair loss within the past few months, it has slowly become more apparent. It doesn’t seem to run in his family and he’s a pretty healthy guy. We’ve tried using products from lush which specializes in what i think a more natural approach, it’s a shampoo bar that is a clove bud oil base and includes cinnamon leaf oil as well. So far, we haven’t seen much improvement and has caused him to start having dandruff which he never really had in the past. What i wanted to ask is if there could be any other natural way to help his hair grow as well as, help with the new found problem of dandruff. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time in advance.

Diprovate steroid

diprovate steroid


diprovate steroiddiprovate steroiddiprovate steroid