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Now includes all of the new golden eggs found in Angry Birds Space!

Includes all hidden golden eggs, mooncakes and now eggsteroids from space!

Videos, screenshots, and text descriptions of every location of the infamous Golden Eggs found in the popular game about furious little birds that want to destroy those pesky pigs. Also includes all eggs for the Seasons version: Moon Festival, Christmas, Valentine, St Patrick's Day, Halloween and Easter.

This app has the location of Golden Eggs that others haven't found yet.

Find all of the Golden Eggs before your friends!

Release Notes

New Golden Eggs Found!

Starting with Angry Birds Seasons (Easter Eggs!) all the Golden Eggs in Angry Birds Seasons are number sequentially across all episodes. (As of (Ham’o’ween) the numbering has been removed completely.) Below is a list of all the Golden Eggs that are currently available in Angry Birds Seasons (special thanks to AMslimfordy for compiling this list). If you’re having trouble finding one or more of the Golden Eggs you can get to the walkthroughs above — which are broken out by episode — or below by clicking the respective link adjacent to the Golden Egg number.

Hoth level 3-17, at the top of the screen. OK, strap in, cause this one is a doozy.  If you zoom allt he way out, you can see the egg in a very hard to reach spot and this little shrine like thing made of some wood and metal pieces.  what you need to do is shoot at the shrine with your first han bird, BUT only hit it so the left metal leg is weakened, not destoryed.  Toss away Luke, and use Leia to pull any left over obstacles out of your way.  Your second Han Bird must shoot at the same area, with your first or second shot destroying the left metal brace, and the second/third shot reflecting off the roof, which is now falling, and zapping the droid.  There isn't any great advice for this one except having a ton of luck and skill.

Eggsteroids locations

eggsteroids locations


eggsteroids locationseggsteroids locationseggsteroids locationseggsteroids locationseggsteroids locations