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I had a misunderstanding with an elliptical machine and fractured my right big toe into the joint, the first joint. My doctor suggested taping it and putting it up for a few days and gave me some tramadol. Taping it just hurts too much, but without taping it it’s just bare, he didn’t give me any sort of cast, boot, shoe, etc. He had also told me about the possibility for early onset arthritis due to the break into the joint, but since there is no displacement that I shouldn’t need a pin. Would you suggest any different sort of treatment? I am also a very active woman and at 28-29 I dont want to be out of commission for weeks on end. What excersizes can I do and how early can I start? I’m only on day 2 since the break and already the swelling is remarkably better, though it still aches and is stiff.

Hi Anabella, I would love to find out who your message therapist is and osteopath practitioner is.  I also live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and am having a terrible time with arch swelling, pinching, aching pain in my arch for 15 months.  It all started with a lapidus bunionectomy.  I believe my tendon has been comprimised somehow.  Anyway after reading this thread I felt like I finally have found people that understand what I am going through!  Then I read that you are from Ottawa and that was terrific. If you dont mind letting me know.  That is if you are still on here!  Hope you are doing well! Tx

Great toe steroid injection

great toe steroid injection


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