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Looking for advice.. I’ve made an appointment to get the pshot next month but I’m wandering what things can help or hinder obtaining the best results. First of all, does being overweight have an adverse effect on optimal pshot results? I’m 6’1″ 256lbs so I am a bit overweight..would losing weight first help in getting optimal results? Also what things, if any, can I be doing to prepare for the shot? Things like drinking plenty of water and eating foods or taking any supplements that might help in increasing my red cell/ platelet count? Also any thoughts as to other supplements to use in conjunction with the pshot like an hgh releaser such as Genf20 or using dht cream? Thanks.

After the first treatment I felt much better and was able to do almost all that I could do before my heart attack. This lasted for 12 to 18 months but I then notice that I was slowly losing energy and motivation to do things that is why I had another treatment. I fully understand and accept this is NOT a fix all but it has improved my life in general however I know that over time my health will deteriorate more so than normal people.
My primary aim now, if I can stay well enough, is to find a hospital or clinic that is able to provide heart stem cell treatment using a mixture of bone marrow cells and cardiac cells grown from a heart biopsy to be injected back into the heart. I believe this will be an advance on the treatments I am currently having. I know the Texas Heart Institute is currently doing this but the cost for me and the chance of getting a placebo was not a workable option. I’m aware some doctors and researchers are using iPS cells, umbilical cord tissue cells or donors own blood cells however I have not followed up on any of these treatments.
I am happy to discuss my venture and I’d like to make a point that what works for some will not work for others. Yes there are rogue clinics out there just to make money but there are also honest clinics, so do plenty of research and if possible talk to people who have had treatments for what you are seeking.

Inject steroids in quad

inject steroids in quad


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