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America is in shock. On
Sunday, a 29-year-old Islamic terrorist named Omar Mateen shot 102
people at a gay club known as Pulse in the heart of Orlando, Florida.
49 of those that were shot died, and 53 were wounded. So how in the world did this happen?
when you combine radical political correctness with extreme government
incompetence and the dramatic growth of radical Islam inside the United
States, you create an environment which is absolutely primed for Islamic
The truth is that the FBI
knew about this guy well in advance. In fact, they had even interviewed
him three separate times over the years. And at one point the
government had been investigating the mosque that he had been attending,
but that investigation was shut down by Hillary Clinton’s State
Department. Mateen had told the FBI that he hoped to be a martyr
someday, and those were not just idle words. His
twisted ideology fueled his actions, and so the choices that he
ultimately made should not have come as a surprise to law enforcement
authorities. But now that this has happened, will it change the way that the government approaches Islamic terror?
The following are 17 facts about the Orlando shooter that every American should know…

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Isis pharma steroids review

isis pharma steroids review


isis pharma steroids reviewisis pharma steroids reviewisis pharma steroids reviewisis pharma steroids reviewisis pharma steroids review