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my mini-schnauzer who is only 4 1/2 years old has developed a lipoma on her back right leg, in the joint between the leg and abdomen. I had it needle aspirated to confirm it was a lipoma, then began researching. First off, it is important to know why people and dogs get lipomas. it usually occurs with a soft tissue injury, it can be just a small tear. Now fat cells called lipocytes gravitate to the area, and due to inflammation, the mass starts to form. Key to this is the dog’s inability to metabalize fat properly, and this can be linked to liver function and the lymph systems roll on eliminting waste (fat is one of those wastes). So treatments that get rid of inflammation, stimulate the lymph system and support liver are key. I’ve read many of. the posts and most don’t seem to know why they are using products like curcurmin or milk thistle, etc. Both of those aid in detoxification. I am utilizing a multi-prong approach: curcurmin (Mercola) digestive enzymes (Wobenzym) for inflammation, krill oil (Mercola) regular walks which support the lymph, a diet with no grains and carbs (Acana and two pucks of freez dried raw Stella & chewie). And Manual Lympahic Drainage massage by hand and dry brushing. You can watch videos on youtube how to move fluid on a dog. This is key because you are aiding in moving waste products and fat out of the body. We fear lumps and stop touching that area because we unconsciously think cancer and don’t want to cause pain. the worse thing we can do is not lightly massage the lipoma. Breaking down the fat and keeping it from getting hard is key. Dry brushing In the direction towards the heart and gently pumping lymphs like you see in the videos will help break down the fat and prevent new lumps from forming. My dogs orange size lump is now the size of a plum after six weeks.

It’s been 9 days since my last post, and the top layer of my hypertrophic scar is still gone. I probably exfoliated too much because a new scab isn’t forming. I decided that I should leave it alone for a while because the open wound is a little unsettling for me. For now, I keep it covered with neosporin and a band-aid. I have Scar Away silicone patches for when it closes. In addition, the bruised area surrounding my hypertrophic scar caused by the ACV irritation has given way to a new problem… that area of my skin began to scab.

Kenacort steroid injection

kenacort steroid injection


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