Lazar angelov take steroids

Wonderful article this!! Thank you Tandon. I have read almost all the comments and your responses to most of them but i still would like to ask you something..
I am 6ft tall nd weight is 87kgs
I have been going to gym for last 1 year or so, i have reduced my weight from 97kgs to 87kg.
My diet plan is like this:
Protein shake just after my workout in the morning then i take juice on the way home, in my breakfast i just take banana shake dn 4 chapatis in lunch and dinner before 8 intake for the day=3litres
Kindly tell me what i need to modify in my diet or what i need to add to build more muscles without getting belly fat???

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Lazar angelov take steroids

lazar angelov take steroids


lazar angelov take steroidslazar angelov take steroidslazar angelov take steroidslazar angelov take steroidslazar angelov take steroids