Liver disease steroid treatment

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Gallstones Symptoms

I did not notice any symptoms but was always tired and felt weak. Frequently, I had shoulder pain and numerous episodes of bronchitis and pneumonia , which has prompted the doctors to check into the possibility of lung cancer . I have already been diagnosed with liver disease, but the tests have not been done to determine the kind or extent of damage. I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, and do not do drugs or have sex with anyone except my spouse. I do take a pain medication for an inoperable (benign) tumor , but only take 1/2 pill at bedtime. I do not use OTC drugs of any kind.

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Liver disease steroid treatment

liver disease steroid treatment


liver disease steroid treatmentliver disease steroid treatmentliver disease steroid treatmentliver disease steroid treatmentliver disease steroid treatment