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It is well known that Clenbuterol use results in rapid down-regulation of beta 2 receptors. This is due to the powerful stimulatory effect of the drug. It is therefore pointless to use clen for long periods without a break. Some believe that a two day on, two day off dosing schedule will allow adequate potential for receptor up-regulation. However, I doubt this to be the case due to the relatively long half life of clen, resulting in continued stimulation even throughout the ‘off’ days. A much better regime would be a two week on, two week off cycle. Maximum plasma levels are reached around 2-3 hours after oral administration, and terminal half life at 34 hours (Zimmer, 1976).

I researched for quite a while and communicated with a number of suppliers before selecting UKBS. Unlike other options, I felt UKBS relayed a high level of integrity and I decided to give them a try. For the record, I am a veterinarian by profession so I do have a rather broad experience with pharmaceuticals and an understanding of how the various supplements I selected should be working. I didn't have lab tests done on the products nor did I submit blood samples to monitor changes during the cycle. I did inform my primary care physician about what I was doing and I can attest that far beyond anecdotal evidence alone, every product I listed produced the results expected from a quality product. And I am confident that if I am ever appropriately dissatisfied with a purchase, UKBS will make it right.

Lixus labs steroids uk

lixus labs steroids uk


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