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Saturday we used our Magical Morning. We got to the park at 8:00 and walked right in. We rushed over to, “It’s a Small World.” The lines for that ride were two hours long the day before, but we walked right on. Ellie loved it. We then hit the teacups (again), Alice and Wonderland, and the Merry Go Round. By the end of the hour we felt like we had done all the rides we needed to for the day lol. Saturday was a pretty chill day. There weren’t near as many people, so we were able to hit all of the rides we wanted to. We also were able to meet Moana. She greets kids at Aladdin's Oasis, in AdventureLand. Ellie was so excited to meet her! She had to show Moana her necklace lol.

Moreover, those paint booths (as well as almost all the machinery) will be dramatically more compact and modular, and combined with the elimination of overhead conveyors, they allow Toyota’s future factories to be both smaller and entirely single story. This saves construction costs and heating and cooling bills (and consequently, CO2). But also opens a bigger role for … old-fashioned humans, who can now walk around and get to everything. I literally lean back in shock as we are shown an example of how it’s faster for a guy guiding a powered arm to place a seat in a car than it is for a robot to do it. More importantly, the guy doesn’t break down, halting the assembly line — which is another reason all the machinery will be at ground level. If anything robotic goes wacko, workers can simply go around the weak link (a maze of overhead machinery rules that out); we were even shown a time-lapse video of men changing a line itself (by hand) as they removed and inserted modular stations. It’s all refreshingly counterintuitive. The revenge of the human! It’s calculated that these “simple, slim, and speedy” Ever-Better Plants will drop factory investment by a whopping 40 percent, a quarter of that being plowed back into product development, another quarter into “benefits to the workers and surrounding communities” (an example being a bank of ex-Prius battery packs for load-leveling a solar panel array). The rest of that saved cash? My bet is this is how you budget in ever more sensors, infomatics, and driving-aid features. Something has to give to make part-time (and eventually fully) autonomous cars affordable. (It also gives some leeway for a variety of new manufacturing tricks Toyota hesitantly demonstrates, including mirror-quality robotic paint polishing, lightning-fast laser screw welding, dazzlingly complex painting schemes, and carbon-fiber panels.)

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