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Additional reason the STEM System cannot magnetize materials is that because the field alternates between positive and negative polarity with time, the average field strength is zero. The magnetic source used in the STEM System operates at or above ~8,000 Hz, so the field polarity changes faster than every ~125 microseconds. Any material will see a zero average magnetic field and no magnetization will take place.

Why is the STEM System's magnetic field safe? Research data shows that the magnetic field generated by the STEM System is lower than the most stringent government exposure standard. Magnetic sources used in the STEM System are wound coils designed to emit only magnetic field energy. The STEM System generates pulsed AC signals at frequencies of 30 kHz or lower and the electric field power is more than 60 dB below any exposure limit.

Is the STEM System compatible with the Razer Hydra? Content for the Hydra will be supported by the STEM System. You will also be able to use a Hydra and a STEM System simultaneously on the same host PC. This means that Hydra users can add head or body tracking for VR.

Order steroids south africa

order steroids south africa


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