Oxydine steroids

Oxydine test e is a newer brand S4U carries. Gen Shi has always been top-notch so I figured oxidize would be right up there with it. I ran a 12 week cycle at 500mg per week. First thing I noticed was it had a very tiny bite to it, nothing major but you definitely felt it going in. Around the week mark I had a rough couple notes where I was sweating all night and having sleeping. I dont know what this was, my thought was it was my body adjusting to the extra added hormones. With in maybe 3 days I was back to normal and felt on top of the world. Around this time is when I really started to notice my libido pick up , and an increase in aggression. I have to watch my self, even on test, because im naturally a real aggressive person. I noticed I would go after people a lot easier, when if I was in the same situation off I wouldnt have. When I realized the hormones were the cause for my shorter fuse I was able to control it a little better. Id say by the 4 or 5 week mark is when I fully started to feel its full effects. Strength started going up very slow but steady, I was adding at least 5lbs to the bar every week. The test also helped with my endurance. I noticed I wouldnt get winded as easy on the treadmill and was able to last longer. I keep my estrogen in check so I was able to keep the water weight off. By the end of the cycle I was up 12lbs and had a slight decrease in bodyfat. Im not sure on the percentages but I was definitely noticeably a lot leaner looking. Imo oxydine is on par with gen shi. I believe its accurately dosed, and is good as anything I've ran.

Oxydine steroids

oxydine steroids


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