Prohormones and steroids stack

As you work your way up from the bottom, you can see that cholesterol is first step in the synthesis of testosterone in the body. Although it demonstrates no anabolic activity on its own, cholesterol is technically a steroid hormone, which also serves as PH to pregnenolone. In the same way, pregnenolone is a PH to DHEA, neither of which have much effect on muscle growth in the typical male. These are all examples of PH’s which must undergo the conversion process in order to elicit any type of growth response. We need to work our way all the way up the ladder to androstanedione before we come to a PH capable of mediating growth on its own. After androstanedione we reach testosterone and lastly, we come to DHT. Every single hormone above is a PH and also a steroid, except for DHT, as DHT is not able to convert to anything beyond itself. Some other examples of traditional/designer steroids which are unable to convert to other active metabolites are: Anavar, SD, Anadrol, Winstrol, M1T, Methylstenbolone, and Trenbolone.

l cycle prohormones and dont suffer any side effects like l did on roids. no acne and no anger issues plus no jabby jabby for those who dont like needles. halodrol and xtreme mass are my fav have since been stopped this year. Will be taking whatever is next produced when its launched as the next best prohormone. l dont want anyone to think what im doing is safe or smart but to know why l am doing it is to know me but you wont. We all do things in life for a reason and this is mine and l take whatever consequences come of it. Been a lab rat on supplements since age 16 and im now 37 and look the best l have ever done and no lumps bumps man boobs or acne issues which l did get from jack3d pre work out!

Prohormones and steroids stack

prohormones and steroids stack


prohormones and steroids stackprohormones and steroids stackprohormones and steroids stackprohormones and steroids stackprohormones and steroids stack