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Refining of the Emu Oil consists of a multi-stage process by which peroxides, free fatty acids and moisture are extracted from the oil. During one stage, the oil is placed under a high vacuum and raised to temperature in excess of 300 degrees F. This insures a high quality, deodorized, sterile oil, free of microbial organisms. After processing, the Emu Oil is transferred to sealed bulk containers containing an inert atmosphere. The bulk containers are then transferred to a temperature-controlled environment for storage. NO harsh chemicals are used to refine the Emu Oil.

Plant Guru™ started its business online providing 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils with no pyramid schemes, offering fair and competitive prices without marketing systems involved. Their philosophy is to treat customers respectfully with the best quality for affordable costs. Their oils are produced globally from respectable plant producing farms. The suppliers comply with USDA standards and are third-party tested using GC MS methods. No pesticides or chemicals are used and no GMOs are added to their 140 kinds of essential oils and blends.

Purity solutions steroids

purity solutions steroids


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