Steroid related murders

Popular culture - as seen on the screen – shapes values, attitudes, and beliefs. It influences how our children feel and act. Children spend more time absorbing media messages than they do absorbing ours. These values, attitudes, and beliefs often conflict with what parents are trying to teach their kids. They can also create unrealistic expectations for children, and undermine self-esteem and emotional health.

When a person’s neck is cradled in the familiar forearm embrace of an RNC, the choker applies pressure and blood is immediately hindered from leaving the head. This stoppage gives the chokee a pinked and flushed feeling thanks to a growing congestion of blood. Increasing the pressure more flattens the carotid arteries, which are the main target of the choke and the main source of blood to the brain. A few seconds of this and things fade to black, and quickly. Coming out of a blood choke feels a bit like waking up from the dead, or waking up from being blackout drunk. It takes a few moments to figure out who you are, what is happening, and how you got there. All in all, it’s a little kiss on the mouth from the abyss and, when performed correctly, causes no lasting damage. Compared to getting your bell rung, I gotta say, it’s a pretty charming way to end a fight.

Steroid related murders

steroid related murders


steroid related murderssteroid related murderssteroid related murderssteroid related murderssteroid related murders