Stop hair loss on steroids

It is important to keep blood and oxygen flowing to all parts of the body. However, many people with bad circulation find that their  scalp cells die , which means that hair will stop growing. Therefore, it is important to stimulate your blood circulation and maintain proper levels of iron in your body. Iron deficiency is called anemia, and without iron, you are unable to produce red blood cells. Along with iron, it is important to stimulate the surface of the skin itself, which draws blood to the area and stimulates hair growth and life in the follicle cells. Scalp massage is one of the best ways to create this beneficial blood flow. However, if your hair loss tends to come in clumps when it is rubbed (with a brush or while shampooing your hair), you might not want to massage too often, since it will only exacerbate the hair loss.

I started to experience hair loss in my early twenties when my first signs of thin hair were pointed out by my work mates. They would tell me there was a bald patch growing on the crown of my head. Where as before I had a full head of shiny hair, it now looked weak and fragile on my crown. When I looked in the mirror I was a little concerned but I turned a blind eye to what was happening. It was easier to do that in the short term, instead of taking preventative measures, I chose the easy way out and buried my head in the sand! My brother decided to tackle his hair loss and he has reaped the rewards of preventing a problem rather than trying to solve one. If you suffer from male pattern hair loss I hope you have decided to act earlier than I did!

Stop hair loss on steroids

stop hair loss on steroids


stop hair loss on steroidsstop hair loss on steroidsstop hair loss on steroidsstop hair loss on steroidsstop hair loss on steroids