Training volume on steroids

All of those other factors (apart from muscle size), particularly segment lengths and muscle attachment points, largely explain why some relatively light people who aren’t overly jacked-looking can still lift huge weights.  It’s not that their smaller muscles contract any harder than yours do; it’s that either they have body segment lengths that are advantageous for a certain lift, requiring less torque to lift a given weight, or they have muscle attachment points that allow them to produce more torque at a joint with the same force of muscle contraction.  There wasn’t any special training that allowed them to lift heavy weights with relatively little mass; most of it simply has to do with how they’re built.

Rest Intervals: When bodybuilders start with this method, they often question its value for the first several sets because the weight won't feel heavy enough. However, there is minimal rest between sets (about 60 seconds when performed in sequence and 90-120 seconds when performed as a superset), which incurs cumulative fatigue. (Interestingly enough, you might find you get stronger again during the eighth and ninth sets. This is because of a short-term neural adaptation.) Because of the importance of the rest intervals, you should use a stopwatch to keep the rest intervals constant. This is important, as it becomes tempting to lengthen the rest time as you fatigue.

Actually it is you believing what you want. I am going on the words of the ….but you are going of the words or writings of some imp.. probably trying to sell some crap. IN FACT from Arnie’s own words his year in the military was his biggest gain in a year up until then ..25lbs…In the military he had to pace his workouts because he had to workout the whole day! Arnie started full body modeling after Reg but his enthusiasm quickly escalated his workouts to six days a year in … before his real mass gain.. Look at his pics at 16yrs old ..that was the full body workout results.. Learn to read the words of the Man and you will be left less clueless.

Training volume on steroids

training volume on steroids


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